Lady gets

A Ghanaian lady, Teresa Agyemang, has shared the beautiful story of how she spoke her marriage into existence.

The lady took to social media to share a screenshot of the prophesy she wrote in October 2021 when she was single to stupor and didn’t have a man in her life.

She captioned it,

“When I wrote this there was no man in sight, not even as a friend, and my fiancé was single single as well. So keep the faith. And trust in God. Just as He did it for us, He will do it for you!!”

Read the heartwarming prophecy below,

Interestingly, she met her fiancé on Instagram shortly after writing the prophecy.

According to Teresa, she had taken a break from Instagram and wanted to stay longer off the platform, but was led to reinstall the app and surprisingly, she met her husband on the platform a day afterwards.

She wrote,

“God > Everybody

The day before we met I randomly reinstalled my Instagram. It had been disabled for about a month and I planned on keeping it deactivated till February of the new year.(2022) And something kept telling me to reinstate it. And I was even at a point like why. And I had a thought so your husband can find you. But I brushed it away. Funny cause God speaks to me primarily through thoughts but I thought it was carnal but I reinstated it anyways. Met him the next day.
You gotta listen to that still small voice”

The couple are now engaged and set to tie the knot soon.

See photos of the marriage proposal below,

Congratulations to them!