Saturday , March 2 2024


7 ways to communicate better with your partner

Communicating better with your partner will make a difference in how close you feel to each other.   Improving communication with your partner is essential for maintaining a healthy and successful relationship. Here are some ways to communicate better with your partner. Related Posts We’re ready to partner with government …

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Six things men want in a relationship

In romantic relationships, the importance of physical intimacy often takes center stage. However, while sexual intimacy is important, it’s vital to recognize that men, like women, have multifaceted emotional and relational needs that extend far beyond the bedroom. To build a strong and lasting partnership, it’s essential to understand what …

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22-Year-Old Nigerian Woman Chooses Happiness Despite Trolls Shaming Her for Marrying an Older Man

A 22-year-old Nigerian lady recently made headlines for hitting back at online trolls who criticized her for marrying an older man.  In a viral post, the woman declared that she chose happiness over everything and that age was just a number. The woman, whose name has not been revealed, shared …

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