Friday , July 12 2024


“You cannot pay my bills because I like material things, face your studies” — 20-year-old Lady tells a 20-year-old guy who asked her out. (VIDEO)


Different reactions have trailed the voice message a lady sent to her admirer who asked her to be his girlfriend You cannot pay my bills because I like material things, face your studies. In the video shared on social media, the lady was heard telling the guy to face his studies …

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“Women are n*t good people. No woman is. And what do we do to b@d people? Do b@d things to them” – Heartbroken online influencer cries out


A Facebook user and influencer with the name, Chike Chekwas has taken to his wall to lament his dating experience with cheating women who shattered his good heart into a thousand pieces. This rant happened after he caught his babe with another man. More shocking is he discovering she has …

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Video of an elderly woman addressing women with a list of commandments to follow to keep a happy home, goes viral (WATCH)

Elderly Woman

A video featuring an elderly woman listing the “commandments” for a happy home has become a viral sensation on social media.   The video, captured during an event commemorating International Women’s Day 2024, has sparked lively discussions among netizens. In the video, the woman shares a series of guidelines that she believes …

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Heartwarming Moment A Nigerian Father Picked Up His Daughter At The Airport After She Was Called To Bar, Goes Viral (WATCH)


A heartwarming video has taken the internet by storm, showing the proud moment when a Nigerian lady’s father came to pick her up from the airport following her recent call to the bar. The incident has touched the hearts of netizens and quickly gained viral attention. In the video, the beaming father …

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7 ways to communicate better with your partner

Communicating better with your partner will make a difference in how close you feel to each other.   Improving communication with your partner is essential for maintaining a healthy and successful relationship. Here are some ways to communicate better with your partner. Related Posts We’re ready to partner with government …

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Six things men want in a relationship

In romantic relationships, the importance of physical intimacy often takes center stage. However, while sexual intimacy is important, it’s vital to recognize that men, like women, have multifaceted emotional and relational needs that extend far beyond the bedroom. To build a strong and lasting partnership, it’s essential to understand what …

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