A single mother has cried out online as her relationship with her fiance hits the rocks.

Man breaks up with single mum Photo Credit: @danielfavour877/TikTok Source: UGC
Man breaks up with single mum Photo Credit: @danielfavour877/TikTok Source: UGC© Provided by Tuko

In the chats which she shared via her TikTok account, the young man advised her to sell off the ring because he no longer wants to marry her.

He went ahead to suggest that the single mother uses the money gotten through selling the ring to take care of her daughter.


“Favour go and sell the ring. Use it to take care of your daughter. Like I said, I have moved on. I don’t need you anymore so move on as well. I gave you a ring because I wanted to and now I’m done”, the man said in the chats.

Reacting to her lover’s stand, the young lady broke down in tears and begged him to change his mind. She also shared a video crying uncontrollably after the break-up.


Social media reactions

@jamesfaith4 reacted:


“You don’t need to cry for a man who doesn’t value you, he mentioned your daughter, he doesn’t want her but thank God for your beautiful daughter.”

@manlikedonemoney2 said:


“You turned down the one that had pure intentions for you then you fell into the pit of a play boy you deserve what you are going through right now.”

@preciousify17 wrote:


“This text is the exact message a man will never receive from me again. Never not in this life again. Just forget him and work on yourself.”

@chargielit2 stated:


“Stay as much as you can, your tear will soon turn to joy, your enemy will be put to shame, they will be alive and see you win.”

@adamummy10 wrote:


“When a man says he don’t want again my dear say okay with out any word again. ahswear he will come back but more u start begging he will not come Back.”

@nneoma1661 commented:


“Y nah if he knew he didn’t want u y did he purpose to u in the first place. Is well dear God will heal ur soul. Omo am crying.”

@user263243497 said:


“Baby just don’t allow it weigh u down. God has his plans for u please don’t try to force or change God’s plan in ur life ok. love u.”