Wednesday , June 19 2024


“Bride go soon ride bike”- Netizens react as couple arrive to their wedding reception on a bike (WATCH)


Trending video of couple arriving their wedding reception in a bike has captured the attention of netizens online. Sharing on TikTok @notinternational captioned that it was a biker’s wedding, revealing that the groom is a professional biker. In a celebratory moment, the couple were recorded entering the event hall in a power …

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Video of an elderly woman addressing women with a list of commandments to follow to keep a happy home, goes viral (WATCH)

Elderly Woman

A video featuring an elderly woman listing the “commandments” for a happy home has become a viral sensation on social media.   The video, captured during an event commemorating International Women’s Day 2024, has sparked lively discussions among netizens. In the video, the woman shares a series of guidelines that she believes …

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6 benefits of going braless


Bra and women have a troubled connection, a great bra might provide fantastic support and shape but on other days, bras can stab you and cause discomfort. Numerous studies over the years have found that wearing a bra may not be physiologically, anatomically, or psychologically necessary and may not significantly …

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Five side effects of not drinking enough water

Drinking water often helps to maintain a healthy balance. Mild dehydration can decrease one’s energy level and mental functioning and increase stress on the body while severe dehydration can have far more damaging effects. To avoid dehydration drink at least eight glasses of water every day as an adult. The …

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