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Maliya and Lydia

“I can’t thank a man for sending me N5K or N10K, he should give it to beggars”- Influencers Maliya and Lydia

Renowned social media influencers, Maliya and Lydia, have found themselves embroiled in a fierce controversy after making disparaging remarks about receiving modest monetary gifts from their fans.

The influential duo, known for their extravagant lifestyles and luxurious online presence, has shocked their followers by expressing disdain for small donations, suggesting that they are above such amounts and insisting that the money should be given to beggars instead.

Maliya and Lydia, who have amassed a significant following on various social media platforms, primarily due to their glamorous and aspirational content, have come under intense scrutiny for their recent comments.









During a live-streamed Q&A session, Maliya received a message from a viewer expressing gratitude and included a gift of N5,000 (Nigerian Naira).

Maliya’s response left many viewers astonished when she callously stated,

“I can’t thank a man for sending me N5K or N10K. It is a shame to me. He should give it to beggars instead.”

Lydia, who was present during the live stream, echoed Maliya’s sentiments, further intensifying the outrage.









she proclaimed,

“We operate on a different level, and such small amounts are beneath us. We are above materialistic gestures. Let’s focus on helping those truly in need.”

The influencers’ dismissive remarks have triggered an uproar among their fan base, leading to heated debates on social media.

Supporters of Maliya and Lydia’s previous content have been left disillusioned and bewildered by the sudden shift in their attitudes.

Many have accused the influencers of displaying an elitist mindset, detached from the realities faced by their followers.

Critics argue that rejecting or belittling acts of kindness, regardless of the amount, is an affront to the fans who genuinely appreciate and support the influencers’ work.

They contend that this behavior undermines the essence of gratitude and reflects a disregard for the goodwill shown by their audience.

Reacting to the growing backlash, Maliya and Lydia released a joint statement attempting to clarify their remarks.

They claimed that their words were taken out of context and apologized to those who felt offended. However, their explanation failed to assuage the mounting anger, with many viewing it as an insincere attempt to save face.

Public sentiment towards the influencers has noticeably shifted, and their actions have reignited conversations about the responsibility and accountability of social media figures.

The incident has raised questions about the impact of fame and wealth on one’s perception of generosity, as well as the potential detachment between influencers and their audience.

As the fallout from their remarks continues to unfold, Maliya and Lydia face a significant challenge in rebuilding their tarnished reputation.

It remains to be seen whether their fan base will forgive them for their dismissive comments or if the incident will have long-lasting consequences for their careers.

In a landscape where authenticity and relatability are highly valued, the controversy surrounding Maliya and Lydia highlights the importance of humility and appreciation, reminding influencers of their role as public figures and the impact their words can have on their followers.





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