Man says

A Nigerian man, Hero Onye Chief, has weighed into the trending conversation about actor, Yul Edochie, who recently unveiled his second wife, Judy Austin and their son.

It can be recalled that the revelation caused a huge stir on social media on Wednesday, April 27.

Reacting in a post shared on Facebook, Onye stated that if a woman also decides to take a second husband, nothing will happen but no woman have had the willpower or financial capability to pull it off.

He added that both men and women are polygamous in nature because many women are already practicing polyamory by dating multiple boyfriends, sugar daddies and cheating on their partners.

Read his full post below,

“Nothing will happen if a woman marry two husbands oh, absolutely nothing, the problem is nobody has gathered liver to do it and unu ejiro ego.

If tables were turned, Una go do am, you that is keeping plenty eggs out of the basket, what do you think you are doing, Polyamory!!

You that has school boyfriend , abroad boyfriend and work husband, what do you think that you are doing??

You that is weighing your two boyfriends and waiting for which will propose what are you doing??

You that has husband and boyfriend and sugar daddy?? What do you think you are doing.

You that has a boyfriend for romance and daddy yo for bills, what are you doing.

You that has Serious relationship but you dey knack your oga for office and clients for deposit to meet target, what are you doing.

You wey dey do per nyu, based on Abani agba aka, what do you think you are doing?

You that has serious relationships but is still doing “ Send me Nood” with your ex nko??

You that is talking to more than 3 men inbox waiting to see who go reach your papa house fess nko?

Leave talk!! Las las everybody will be fine, all of us are polygamous in nature. There are women somewhere on God’s planet enjoying two or more men. Everybody is a saint on social media, na who dem catch be thief.”

Man says