Monday , September 25 2023

exclusive: Osinbajo is a green snake in a green grass, says Sowore

Reacting to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo’s, presidential declaration, in an exclusive ,Omoyele Sowore, 2023 presidential aspirant, has accused the VP of being deceitful.

Speaking on #PulsePoliticalSpaces, on Monday, April 11, 2022, Sowore accused the VP of being a sectional leader, adding that Osinbajo’s candidacy should not be given any audience.

The conversation on the Twitter space, hosted by Pulse, was centered on the presidential declaration of Osinbajo, earlier on Monday. It allowed for citizens to air their opinions on the issue, and raise political awareness for the upcoming 2023 general elections.

Taking the discussion stage, Sowore said, “This man is likely worse than even Buhari himself, because I’ve never seen anybody so cowardly, so conniving as a VP, and from what we know about his conduct and characteristics, even as a leader, he is a very sectional, divisive person and a very great snake under the green grass. But here we are again. Nigeria.

We are debating things we should not be debating. No attention should have been paid to his candidacy. So that he will know that he has gone into oblivion with his boss or principal as the case. Maybe we, as we are speaking to the there are plenty of our citizens being held hostage not only in Kaduna but all over the country.

The National Grid has collapsed three times in a month. Benin Republic’s current is better than the Nigerian naira as of now. I don’t need to repeat the regular statistics of sadness. You know about number of kids that are out of school. If you add 16 million kids who out of school and you add those who are temporarily out of school university students. Because as we’re looking for 200 billion naira to fix our universities.

“Whereas under the Buhari regime Dangote is getting $2.5 billion investment in a private refinery. But we cannot use that money to improve our public universities.”

Sowore further appealed to social influencers to not receive money to promote Osinbajo’s candidacy, adding that it could hunt them for a lifetime.

“It’s just pathetic and I think it’s time to appeal to our competitors. I know that some people are called influencers. I want to appeal to their sense of conscience that even if you are paid at this time to promote this nonsense rubbish, please don’t take the money because it’s good to hunt you for probably the rest of your lives.”

“I hope we start having serious conversations about the future of this country, because now this future is really really at stake. Any move will make any wrong direction from now will not only be the end of the geographical entity known as Nigeria or the topography upon which the Nigerian people exist, it will be the end of a lot of things. Our careers, our ideas, our honour, dignity.

Osinbajo’s declaration has stirred up various debates and strings of reactions. A widely talked about reaction is that of Bola Tinubu, who is said to be a political father to the VP; and now, in partisan tussle for the presidential ticket with him.

Tinubu implied Osinbajo not being his son, as he told reporters that he has no son old enough to run for the office of the President.





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