Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson, has shared the lewd messages she received from a married taxi driver.

The cab driver apparently had her number because she had used his services a few times. Following that, the cabbie contacted her on WhatsApp, confessing that he’s obsessed with her.

He thanked her for being on his contact list and went on to recount how the number had helped him in many ways.

“Just know am your number one crush and am obsessive with you, your movies and your body type. Am grateful you are in my contact. It has help me so much on many ways. Don’t ask me how if you are not ready for the truth.” He wrote.

When the actress insisted on knowing how her contact had helped him, he continued by telling her that he relieves his sexual tension by masturbating to her photographs and videos posted on her status.

“You so sexy that I cant control my libido,” he said.

Sharing a screenshot of the chat on social media, Johnson revealed she blocked him afterwards.

“OMG what did I just read this early morning !! Everyone is just mad cos WTH. This one fit kidnap me oo. Had to block him . Ya’ll men always horny”, she wrote.

See their exchange below,