Terryanne and Promise held their first joint interview since his family rejected her. Photos: Promise and Commentator 254. Source: Youtube


Did Terryanne break up with Promise?

Speculation was rife that Terryanne had dumped the young man after an incident at his mother’s place.

Their relationship ran into headwinds after his family rejected her. The couple went to his mother’s place in Kahawa West for introductions, but things quickly went downhill.

His 40-year-old mother’s friends said they would never accept the relationship and accused Terryanne of taking advantage of him.


“She is older than your mother. This is not love. You are being used,” said one woman.

However, they seemed unperturbed by the criticism and held hands.


“Stop touching each other in front of us. What are you trying to show us? Are you the first person to fall in love? Do you want to touch this old woman in front of your mum?” wondered one woman.

They did not listen and were thrown out. Terryanne disappeared after the incident, which left Promise in tears.

Is Terryanne pregnant for Promise?

In their first joint interview since the incident, they told YouTuber Commentartor254 that their romance was stronger than ever.

Terryanne said that Promise had become a vital part of her life.


“He is like the air I breathe,” she said.

Promise interrupted her and kissed her on the lips as the YouTuber watched in amusement.

He reiterated her sentiments, saying: ¨


“I can’t go 10 minutes without talking to her. I call her to know she is doing fine. I am addicted.”

The content creator then asked Promise why he would date Terryanne, given that her chances of having his child were slim.

The couple then hinted that Terryanne might be pregnant, noting she had not reached menopause.


“Can I reveal now? We have good news,” Promise said.