Why you should abandon traditional wedding vows.

According to Felix-Adejumo, these positive declarations can help couples strengthen their commitment while also standing against adversity, particularly poverty.

The woman of God made the remarks during a recent sermon which was also shared on the Church’s Facebook page.

She expressed her belief that the widely recognized vows – For better, for worse, in sickness and in health– carry a sense of negativity that can inadvertently attract challenges.


“On your wedding day, be careful of what you say. For better, for worse, in sickness, eeeh? If I hear. We don’t say that in our church,” she exclaimed passionately.

The preacher, known for her dynamic and engaging sermons, emphasised the importance of language and intentions in shaping the course of a marriage.


Preacher’s sermon stirs reactions

“You say, ‘I stand with you today in progress, blessings, and favour.’ Just put good things, and together, stand against poverty and sickness,” she explained to an attentive congregation.

The call to embrace more positive and empowering declarations has gained significant attention within the Nigerian community.

While some view it as a refreshing approach to affirming the commitment between partners, others see it as an innovative way to address social issues such as poverty.

Couples who have chosen to adopt this approach are expressing their excitement. One newlywed couple shared,

Critics argue that the traditional vows carry a sense of realism and acknowledge the potential difficulties that can arise in a marriage.

Couples acting like young boys and girls leads to divorce

Earlier, Felix-Adejumo said most marriages in this era fail given everyone is entitled, and people quit over the slightest issues.

According to the preacher, divorce rates have been increasing worldwide, and many people are opting to get married at later ages.


While preaching, she quickly noted that the institution of marriage was not the problem.

Rather, the problem lies in the lack of preparation and commitment many individuals bring into their relationships.