Made Kuti reveals

Nigerian afrobeat singer, Made Kuti has revealed the length a male admirer went to get his partner’s number at the airport.

Taking to Twitter to narrate the funny incident on Sunday, May 9, Made, one of the grandsons of legendary musician, Fela Kuti, disclosed that the man recruited a lady who pretended to be a hairstylist looking for clients, to collect his woman’s phone number in his presence.

According to Made, the said man saw him all lovey-dovey with his partner on the flight, yet still had the audacity to poach her using a woman.

Made Kuti reveals


The instrumentalist went on to advise men to be watchful when out with their partners because this is the new tactic men adopt to collect the phone number of any woman that catches their fancy.

He tweeted,

“Funniest thing just happened 😂
A man saw me together with my partner on a flight holding hands, cuddling etc He sent one lady (pretending to be a hair stylist) to collect my partners number.
The man just called. Lmao 🤣 You can’t even trust women around your partner. Be on guard

How you can see a happy couple and think destruction is so evil. It’s really sad.

But I can’t blame him too much. She’s beautiful 😂”