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Lawyer Advises Young Men on Type of Women They Should Avoid Dating

Collins Wanderi has ignited a heated debate with his recent advice to young men aged 21 to 35 about what to consider when picking partners for relationships.

Lawyer Collins Wanderi has cautioned young men against dating women who have piercings and tattoos all over their bodies. Photo: Collins Wanderi. Source: UGC

What advice does Collins Wanderi have for young men

According to the lawyer, young men seeking relationships should avoid women who prioritise pets over human beings and display multiple piercings and tattoos on their bodies.

The post, which was shared on his Facebook page, cautioned men to reconsider pursuing relationships with women who exhibit these traits.

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Another trait he cautioned men against while looking to date a woman was if they adorned bull rings on any parts of her body, including her privates.

“If she loves animals, dogs, cats and exotic birds more than human beings and her body is mutilated with several facial piercings, visible tattoos, and bull rings adorn her public and private members, Abort mission. Thank us later,” he wrote.

Further explaining his opinion, Wanderi argued a woman who bears her own body to strangers and subjects it to pain in the name of beauty and loves animals had no shame or empathy.

Why shouldn’t men date such women?

According to him, such women will readily impart maximum pain to any other person who comes to disrupt her masochistic life.

“Women who serve men with legendary character development have these characteristics. Now you know. Avoiding trouble is not cowardice,” he said.

Wanderi’s post has generated a mix of reactions from social media users.

Some individuals supported the lawyer’s views, claiming that shared values and lifestyle choices are important in a relationship.

Others have criticized the post for being judgmental and promoting stereotypes.

Netizens share their opinions.

Evalyne Mwarandy said:

“Aiiii jameni sasa mnataka tuolewe na bulls ama??some of us did that because of peer pressure when we were in college, but our servers are very much intact…. please wacha kutuaribia market yawa. tulitubu.”

Anthony Kerry added to the traits, saying:

“If she loves multicoloured hair and nails, abort mission.”

Anita Kawira Murithi opined:

“Nothing wrong with the bull rings!those ones are well tethered, didn’t you hear,’ better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know’!”

Moss Ess added:

“Add also colour hair run brother like a speed of light.”

Kairetu Kairu N Nyokabi argued:

“I love cats and dogs but I do not have piercings. Sasa mpaka mmi they should avoid me.”

Wanderi urges Kikuyu men to take care of themselves

Earlier, the lawyer called out Kikuyu men, who are usually hell-bent on making money but hardly ever spend it on themselves.

According to Collins Wanderi, while it is good to think about the future, it is equally important to take care of the present.

“Life is not all about land, the pursuit of money, mburoti maguta maguta, constructing buildings, cows, goats and investing for your children. Spend your time, energy, and resources to thank yourself too,” said the popular commentator on social issues.

“Buy that designer suit and wear some good perfume. Have some fun, and tour the world beyond Mûrang’a, Kîambu, and Nairobi. It is sad that some of our wealthy people only acquire a passport and a visa for the first time to travel to India for medical reasons, only to return weak or in cold boxes. Such is vanity and waste of life,” he wrote on Facebook.





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