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Lady reveals fastest ways to get Canadian visa approved in just 2 weeks

A young lady with the Tiktok handle @oghenetejiriemuvey has offered useful information for anyone wishing to migrate to Canada, providing a complete guidance on how to secure a Canadian visa in just two weeks.
JAPA: Lady reveals fastest ways to get Canadian visa approved in just 2 weeks


The educational video covers three strategies for accelerating the visa processing process that have shown to be effective.

Oghene’s first advice is to utilize the new Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) portal rather than the old one.

She uses personal experience to describe how her own family members, including siblings, have received visa applications in as little as two weeks by using this new portal.

The second option indicated in the movie entails contacting IRCC as soon as possible using both webforms and physical mail.

Oghene asserts that this direct communication channel with the immigration office allows applicants to furnish additional information or explain urgent circumstances, such as attending a family event like a sibling’s wedding in Canada. Assuring viewers that IRCC staff are both understanding and responsive, Oghene emphasizes that this method has proven effective for numerous applicants.

The third method introduced by Oghene introduces a legal route to expedite the visa approval process, known as a “writ of mandamus.”

This legal mechanism compels IRCC to prioritize and accelerate the processing of an application.

By invoking the government’s responsibility to promptly address visa requests, applicants can secure a visa decision within the desired two-week timeframe.

in her words.

“How to get your Canadian visa in 2 weeks. Don’t use the IRCC old portal, use the new portal. Many people have used this portal including my own family my brothers, my sisters and they used this portal, and they got their applications approved in under 2 weeks.

“The second way to get your visa approved in under 2 weeks is to ensure that immediately after you submit your application, you send IRCC web form, send mails to their office like their physical location, you have to mail it to their office for example maybe your sibling is getting married, and you need to get to Canada on time. “You can mail them, send them webforms and they are human beings, they will listen to you so it really works I know a lot of people that have done that and it has worked for them.

“The third way to get your visa approved in under 2 weeks is to file what I call a writ of mandamus; a writ of mandamus simply forces IRCC to work on your application immediately so it is a law that enables you to force the government of Canada to work on your application so once you do that you will be able to get your application within 2 weeks.”

See below.

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