Lady was too engrossed in praising the Lord. Photo credit: TikTok/ Source: UGC

The man had prepared a surprise for his girlfriend and knelt down on the floor with a sparkling ring in his hand, hoping to pop the question.

Lady ignores husband’s proposal

However, his girlfriend, who was on the church stage singing with a microphone, ignored his presence and continued with her passionate performance.

She only acknowledged him and stretched out her hand for the ring when she had completed her song, and the boyfriend showed remarkable patience and devotion as he waited for her. is yet to independently confirm the claims in the video.

Watch the video below:

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Mane boss reacted:


“Those who ran to the comments section before finishing up the video gather.”

Atesot said:


“But the man how do interrupt the holy spirit.”

Mary39 wrote:


“My fellow ambulance come we wooW here.”

RJ6373737 commented:


“Some activities should be outside of church..period.”

Miss claah also commented:


“Who was waiting amalize song tuone how it goes down weka like.”



“Those of us dating nonliving things gather here.”



“My fellow trees let’s gather in mabira.”



“The fact that we was patiently waiting till she is done worship looks adorable.”



“Those who have watched to the end what happened,am not that patient.”

Nabukomde Glovia:


“Us the trees we gather for a meeting.”



“Whoelse is crying apart from me?”



“Ooh God let this happen to me this month.”

Lady rejects young man’s proposal in the presence of his mum

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that a man had his mother accompany him to where he proposed marriage to his girlfriend.

A video posted on TikTok by @bossstarn showed when the man arrived at the proposal venue with a bouquet of flowers.

His mother stood beside him as he went down on his knees and asked the lady to marry him.