Nampijja explained that some women don't have kids due to reasons beyond their control. Photos: Florence Nampijja. Source: Instagram


According to Pulse Uganda, the media personality was ticked off when she was asked in an interview about her marriage plans.

Questions about motherhood are sensitive

She explained that marriage and childbirth are deeply personal issues, and asking about them often seems intrusive.

Nampijja emphasised the need for members of the society to understand that the topic should be handled with care and, therefore, refrain from being nosy.


“Stop asking women when they are giving birth,” she said, adding that such sensitive questions shouldn’t be asked by strangers because women have reasons for not getting married or having kids.

Nampijja reiterated that some of the reasons beyond the women not giving birth are out of their control, so dwelling on the matter makes them uncomfortable.


Not a crime to delay motherhood

She underscored that some people are childless because their efforts to get pregnant have been fruitless, which makes such questions sound insulting.


“Do you know the harm you are doing? Secondly, someone is not ready. If you rushed, well and good, but don’t make it look like it’s a crime for those who haven’t,” she expressed.

Her plea comes in response to a widespread social habit that many often find themselves doing, which sometimes causes unnecessary emotional distress and reinforces harmful stereotypes.

Nampijja’s sentiments are sure to strike a chord with many women who are often subjected to societal pressure and judgment surrounding their reproductive choices.

Mother delivers after 9 attempts.

In another story of motherhood, a woman who had failed to conceive after eight attempts was recently blessed with a baby.

Ruth Kilemi started trying for a baby in 2010, but each attempt ended in disappointment.

Despite facing repeated heartbreaks, she courageously embarked on a ninth trial, one that had a happy ending.

She recently left RFH Hospital in Ruai with a healthy baby in her arms, a remarkable turn of events that stirred deep emotions within her.