Friday , April 12 2024


“Sisterhood is proud of you” – Adorable moment German lady demands guests to spray her before reading the letter at a Nigerian wedding (VIDEO)

German lady amused wedding guests after she demanded to be sprayed before reading the marriage proposal letter at a Nigerian traditional wedding. During the wedding ceremony, the German lady, who happened to be the bride’s sister mounted the stage as she has been assigned to read the letter written by …

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The Survival Of Oral Tradition In The Age Of ICT

“No culture is older than being human,” these words said by Dike Chukwumerije captures how often we as humans worry about the fading away of our humanity from our limitation on the preservation of African culture. An important structuring of the African culture is formed on an oral tradition established …

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A Look At Musical Instruments From Africa

Music in Africa is historically ancient, rich and as diverse as the innumerable tribes and people that make up the continent. In Africa, music is not limited to entertainment, it plays a very important role in religion and culture. Songs and music are used in rituals and religious ceremonies, to pass down …

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Celebrating The Exploits Of Nigerian Women In Arts

The Nigerian art scene over the years has grown and expanded in grandeur within and outside the country. From painting to sculpture, and pottery, both Visual and Contemporary arts as a collective system are not left out. Producing brilliant and astounding works, Nigerian women have changed the face and feel …

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