The bride chose the wrong man as groom. Photo credit: TikTok/@iamkelvinsena Source: UGC

Do you know your man well? Bride put to test

The bride, wearing a beautiful dress and a blindfold, was challenged to find her husband among a crowd of guests by feeling their beards.

However, she had no clue that her MC played a mischievous trick on her by lining up men with beards just like her husband.

When she confidently picked the wrong person as her groom, she was stunned and mortified to see her blunder.

She covered her head with her hand and expressed her embarrassment while the groom and the guests burst and smiled sheepishly.

The video has attracted thousands of views and comments on social media, with many people finding it amusing and endearing.

Check out the comments:

Mommy’s daughter reacted:


“They shouldn’t try this with me on my wedding day.”

Kelvin Sena said:


“I will be your emcee and I will try it.”

Godsfirstlove said:


“The husband should have told her something.”

Realw.pencil commented:


“It could have been easy to find her husband if she knows the perfume he is Using.”

Groom acts weird on wedding day

Elsewhere, a groom went viral after he changed his WhatsApp status to ‘fear women’ just moments before he was supposed to receive a traditional drink from his bride on their wedding day.

The groom looked unhappy and reluctant to accept the drink from his bride, who respectfully knelt down and presented it to him as per the custom of their culture.

He acted as if he sipped it, but did not let it touch his lips at all and quickly put it down. The bride also appeared displeased and unhappy, suggesting that there was a hidden reason behind their decision to tie the knot.