Nigerian ladies say

Some young Nigerian ladies have said they can never marry men from Abia State because of some bad qualities they exhibit.

The three ladies stated this during a street interview held in the Eastern part of the country, when asked for the state they would like their brothers to marry from.

The ladies who disclosed that they are from Abia state said they would like their brothers to get married to women from Anambra, Delta or Imo state.

The interviewer was surprised by their aversion to women from their state and asked why??

In response, one of the ladies asserted that Abia women tend to become violent when offended by their partners, although they are good, hardworking and supportive in marriage.

The other ladies however deviated from the question and said they can never marry a man from Abia state because they are too stingy, rude, proud and not caring to their wives.

One of the ladies also mentioned that she regrets being a native of the state.

Watch the interview below,

In other news, a video of popular Twitter personality, Daniel Regha, teaching a group of students in a school has stirred reactions from Nigeria on social media.

The social media critic, who is known for giving his take on trending issues and giving celebrity advice, was caught on camera dressed as a teacher and instructing a class.

A student appeared to have filmed him as he was about to discipline one of the students.

Regha was seen pacing around the classroom with a cane in one hand and his phone in the other in the now-viral footage.

The video, however, left Nigerians puzzled about whether the controversial Twitter user is a teacher by profession or if the video was taken from a movie scene.