Margaret Namusisi was over the moon as she narrated her heartwarming story of welcoming three beautiful babies.

Giving birth at 20 in Uganda

The happy mother of five said she welcomed adorable triplets to fill the hole left by her two sons almost two decades ago.


“I gave birth to my children at 20. We first had a baby girl, followed by another girl, and two boys. Unfortunately, I lost my sons. One died suddenly after birth, and the other passed away after completing university,” she told NTV Uganda.

She desired to have many children, but after losing her two boys, her husband was sceptical about rushing things.

The couple slowed down as Namusisi “engaged in self-reflection and prayer to express my determination not to give up on the prospect of having more children.”


Getting pregnant through IVF

The Ugandan woman suggested to her husband that she gets pregnant through In vitro fertilization (IVF), to which he objected, citing its costs.

However, his wife assured him not to worry about finances as she was “ready for whatever process was necessary”.


“After carrying out more scans, the doctors informed me that two of the eggs had been fertilized. On further observation, they were shocked to find that three embryos were successfully fertilized,” she joyfully explained.

Namusisi welcomed the three-month-old triplets at 46 as she believed God heard her cry and saw her tears, answering her with newborns. She remains hopeful of adding more children.